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Onboarding Application

Soulect is a community of conscious growth-seekers pursuing self mastery. The onboarding process ensures that you can pursue your highest potential while being surrounded by equally passionate, conscious, and ambitious people.

Once we receive your submission, we will contact you for a follow-up consultation to ensure Soulect will serve you in your self-actualization journey.


You will join your new Circle soon after our consultation!

1. Think about the last time you were experiencing a negative emotion. What was the cause of it and how did you deal with it?

2. Think of a time your efforts didn’t pay off the way you had hoped. What was the reason for it?

3a. Where do you see your professional and personal life in 5 years?

3b. What are you currently doing to get yourself there?

4. Why do you believe Soulect will help you in your personal development?

5. Please select your weekly Circle availability. New Circles start every two weeks.

Your application has been received. 

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