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Soulect Giveaway

What is Soulect?

Soulect is a tight-knit, wholesome community of conscious people with the same values of growth, personal evolution, and fulfillment.


Being a Soulect member means:

  1. You have your own Circle of 5; a team of people consciously creating their lives with you.

  2. You follow a program developed by our amazing life coach, Meg Heppner: a 6+ years in practice coach certified by the Robbins-Madanes Training Center.

  3. You meet with your Circle weekly to share challenges, seek guidance, celebrate your growth, and hold each other accountable on your growth journey.

  4. Every Circle is lead by Sara or Parisa; with a psychology background, an innate passion for personal growth, and almost two years of studying various coaches and counsellors leading in our pilots, we are honored to now be taking over.


The best part? When you have a Circle of people counting on you every week and rooting for your growth, you don’t slip.


No more putting things off, no more procrastination, no more lack of clarity or focus, no more excuses, no more of your goals fading into the background of your life.


No more struggling on your own and losing confidence every time you slip or fail to show up for yourself, or abandoning the goal all together and staying stagnant. That is over.


Being part of a motivated Circle of people who are actualizing their dreams with you, you enjoy laser focus and steady progression towards creating what it is YOU want.


That’s what everybody at Soulect is doing, becoming the person they want to be and creating the life they love.

Why giveaway?

Why are we giving away 6 weeks of Soulect experience to 8 people?


Because want to shout from the rooftops that Soulect exists because we want to help as many people as we can — because we’ve been there.


As an intimate, person-centered service, we want to show people what we do and how we do it. The best way to do this is to show them a glimpse of what happens in a Soulect Circle.


So, we are offering a six week Soulect experience on us, in exchange for permission to share your experience with our online community! The video at the top of this page is an example of a type of videos that may be created.

T & C's

Terms & Conditions

  • You are a new member to Soulect and have not participated in any of Soulect's pilots.

  • You are committed to 6 weeks of weekly reoccurring calls starting in June (date and time to be decided). This includes 1 x 2hr call with your Circle every week. Your Circle is relying on you to show up on time and be present during the entire call. Missed calls will result in omission from the giveaway. Should you have prior travel commitments the founders need to be informed during consultation call. 24hr notice is required for absence due to illness. In such cases, an attempt to reschedule the call within a 24hr window will occur. This is subject to other member’s availability.

  • You give permission to screen, video, and audio record your 2hr call with your Circle.

  • You give permission to share edited recordings of your Circle to Soulect’s online presence such as but not limited to website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Clubhouse, etc. Soulect will own these video clips  and can post them as seen fit.

  • You agree to fill out an online weekly feedback form after each call. Feedback form takes 1-5 minutes to complete. Failure to do so may result in your Circle and future Circles not experiencing the full benefits of Soulect.

  • You agree to provide a 60 seconds video testimonial within 2 weeks completion of the 6 week program (example on *scroll down). You give permission to share video testimonial recording and/or transcription to Soulect’s online presence such as but not limited to website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Clubhouse, etc. Soulect will own these video testimonials and can post them as seen fit.

  • You give permission to provide a 30 minute Instagram live interview where Sara and Parisa ask you questions about your Soulect experience, at Soulect’s discretion.

  • You’re given the option to continue with your Circle beyond the 6 week agreement. Should you choose to do so, you will complete the program, continue having accountability as you bring your vision to life, and become an official Soulect member through a monthly paid membership.

In! What's next?

Next steps

  1. To enter the giveaway, click here.

  2. If your name gets chosen on the daily draw, you will be contacted by the founders to complete an intake form and book a consultation call.

  3. The founders will repeat step 2 until 8 members are selected. Intake forms and consultations are put in place to ensure [1] Soulect can best serve applications, [2] applicants are at a stage in their lives where they would find Soulect valuable, and [3] applicants are placed in a community that presents the best opportunity for them to thrive.

  4. The selected applicants will be notified, Circle start date and time will be announced, and the contest will close.

Good luck!
We hope to grow with you soon.

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