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How It Works 

The Soulect System

Soulect follows a Circle of Life system where we spend 12 weeks diving deep into the different areas of our lives, called Arcs, allowing time for us to shape and sculpt ourselves into who we choose to become, and the life we choose to have, within each Arc.

During each Arc, you're given methodical inner-work that guides you to consciously create that area of your life, layer by layer. Along with your weekly Circle, and the accountability within it, this is the structure that is needed for creating lasting change. 

The beauty is that everything is done with community; the support, 
love, and accountability of your intimate Circle.

The Soulect System is an ongoing evolution of the Circle of Life.
Just as we evolve with every trip around the sun, we evolve within each Arc, with every trip around the Circle of Life. 

The journey of growth never ends. You can walk the entire path with community, your Soulect Circle, for as long as you wish. There is no end-date.

Your Soulect Journey

Soulect's Circle of Life.png
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