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A Conversation with a Very Dear Friend 💙

Back in the days of hosting our Meetup group called Soulful Conversation (before we created Soulect), our paths crossed with a very special person.

You know those people who you instantly feel a soul-to-soul connection with? Meg was one of those people for us.

She arrived at our gatherings with a gentle smile and comforting presence, and we immediately fell in love with her warm spirit.

Those gatherings began the flourishing of a special friendship.

Meg is an incredible life coach, a wise, intelligent, insightful spirit, and an all-around amazing human being.

She has played a massive part in the Soulect journey (we really mean massive).

She participated in our pilots when we were testing the concept of Soulect, she created the original workshop when we launched, and she gave us advice and mentoring whenever we needed it, because she has been in the personal-development industry far longer than we have. We can't express how much we appreciated every second she shared with us.

She is the type of friend we dreamt about having, the type that inspired the creation of Soulect; those soul-friends you have deep conversations with about the universe, life, death, existence, Source, growth, consciousness and everything in between, and who support each other to be the highest vision that they can be.

Every time we get together, we flow from one fascinating topic to another, and find insights about ourselves we didn't have before.

She recently started her own podcast discussing all the big questions of life, and we were so honored to be on an episode.

It was so much fun talking about the things that we're all so passionate about; growth, awakening, soulful connections, creating a life you love, and doing it all with the love and support of COMMUNITY!

Check it out below.

Meg, we love you. Thank you for all that you've been for us.




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