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Business Partners, or Sisters?

My, oh my. It's about time to give an update on what's been happening with us, and with Soulect! We've been a bit quiet this past year as many changes have been happening behind the scenes, both for the community and for us sisters.

The spark of an idea that opened the way for Soulect was the desire for a global platform (akin to Facebook) to exist that's devoted to inner-growth and conscious creation. The desire was to make conscious personal-growth as normal and valued in our society as scrolling is on Instagram today.

It's been 3.5 years since that idea first sparked in Parisa's mind -- summer 2019 laying in bed staring at the wall, asking Source for guidance.

She didn't waste a minute. She bolted forward (cluelessly), with a determined, wildly passionate, and unwavering will to make it happen, and it was in fall 2019 that Sara suggested she joins the team and they work together.

So much has happened since then, including joining Entrepreneurship at UBC, talking with 100's of people about what's missing in their personal growth, testing 8-week long pilots to perfect the idea, and launching Soulect in 2021 with the original vision that started it: to connect people globally for the purpose of inner growth and conscious creation and living.

The decision to move forward in working together as sisters was a big one, and it took a week or two to think about it and make the commitment. Like most families, we had old relationship wounds and were afraid that moving forward as business partners would hurt our relationship as sisters, which we value so much.

The decision to move forward on Parisa's end was actually specifically because of the wounds. Her logic was: we will be forced to be together day in day out, so there will be an abundance of opportunities for growth and healing. Maybe not the most intelligent logic but it did work.

Working together changed our relationship, that's for sure. Not necessarily for the better to the naked eye, but for the better in the long run and bigger picture. We believe it was in divine order, because it brought all of our issues potently to the surface. It forced us to really look at it.

We spent endless hours talking about our hurts, pain, and desires for moving forward. We even hired a relationship therapist and spent many months consciously working through our past wounds and healing them.

In the end, we decided that we value our relationship as sisters far more than business partners, and that we enjoy our bond as sisters and nothing else.

We're still in the process, now. Nothing has been finalized, yet, but it is coming close.

We wanted to include you, our beautiful community, in the journey, so that there are no surprises when/if we do part ways.

Soulect, or a conscious community will always exist for you.

Inner expansion and conscious creation is Parisa's breath in this life. You can be sure that we will continue to serve in this realm and help those who want to walk the path of conscious expansion. Eager to serve and guide you on your journey. More updates to comes, either here or on our instagram @mysoulect, @peacefulparisa take a moment now to follow us and send us your thoughts. We love hearing from you. Love and light to you all ❤️ Parisa and Sara Amini

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