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Evolution of Soulect: Now a conscious community for women

Soulect, like its own purpose for existing, has evolved and is evolving!

The vision that began this whole community was to be a global personal-development platform, for men and women, with Circles happening online, 24/7, all over the world.

That vision has been paused (for now) for another vision that feels more right at this time: to lead Women's Circles, in person, in our hometown of Vancouver, BC!

When we first launched, it was in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, so we had no other choice but for our Circles to be online. With the original global vision, this fit right in, so we didn't fuss too much even though we felt adamant about gathering in-person for Circles.

A life event shifted the vision, however.

Over the summer, Parisa moved into a new spacious home in the heart of Vancouver.

During the time of getting settled in, she kept getting a strong feeling and heart-desire to host women's Circles in the living room.

The feeling rose for a few reasons...

  1. She experienced the power and magic of all women's Soulect Circles when she accidentally ended up in one, when the only male in her Circle paused his membership. (This was when Soulect Circles were still all online, with the 5 Circle members being from all over the world).

  2. She kept meeting women in her new neighborhood who were soulful and inviting. She felt a desire to create deeper connections with them, because she was seeing and experiencing the immense power of coming together with women

  3. This new period of her life, moving next to the ocean and enjoying a new level of freedom, expanded and heightened the feminine energy emanating within her. She wanted to continue dancing with it forever and guide women to do the same

  4. Bonus reason she saw as a sign... The living room in her new home looks like it's made for women's Circles (quiet, warm and inviting, with the perfect fireplace, ambient lighting, cozy textures and all). It's meant to be, then! :-D

We hosted our first [informal] Women's Circle on November, 1, 2022 (pictured below). It was a delightful success, with all of us opening our hearts, creating deep spiritual connections with one another, laughing, crying and healing together in the nourishing space.

This is the beauty and magic of women coming together in a safe, accepting, facilitated container.

And now, you beautiful conscious woman, if you're reading this and your heart is smiling at the thought of having your own women's Circle, it's a sign for you to join us. ❤️

Your next step for joining, or learning more, is to book a call with us.

In our call, we will get to know each other as sisters, and share with you everything you need to know about the women's Circles at Soulect, and answer any questions you have.

We ask that you familiarize yourself with the website, and especially read the how it works and membership page to prep for our call. This helps us best utilize our time together.

Yay! We can not wait to be in Circle with you.

With so much love and gratitude,

Parisa & Sara Amini

The first Women's Circle hosted in Parisa's living room late 2022

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