Soulect Circles help you become the person you want to be

 focus, community, accountability

What is Soulect?

Soulect is a personal development community that uses the collective power of conscious,

driven people to help you reach your highest potential.  

It’s a space where visionaries get together weekly to ensure they are on the path of actualizing their

life’s vision, all while forming deep, meaningful relationships with each other on the journey. 

This is done in groups of 5, called Soulect Circles. The continuity of the Soulect System is what creates

the magic of Soulect; the intimacy and safety within the Circles.

New Circles begin every 2 weeks!

Who is Soulect for?

Soulect is for the person who is committed to their journey of personal evolution.


This is someone who highly values reaching their highest potential.

They strive to build, nurture, and elevate every aspect of their lives.


A Soulect Circle is a space for those who are conscious, driven, and want to be surrounded

with other visionaries like themselves as they create their life's vision.

What Your Membership Offers

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Your own Circle

When you share your journey with other driven and motivated people who support you to reach your highest potential, it’s electric. This is why Soulect exists. Share your ideas, dreams, and vision with your Circle of growth.

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A Circle Leader

Every circle is led by a certified team leader who works closely with you, gauging your growth, checking for patterns, and helping you break through any mental roadblocks.


Personal evolution and consistency go hand-in-hand. You meet your Circle weekly to dissect, revise, elevate, and hold each other accountable to the grand vision you are creating.

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Enlightening Workshops

Passionate coaches guide you to refine your vision and become aware of hidden blocks, allowing you to overcome them

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Once you’re in Soulect, you’re part of a tight-knit community that has your back.


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