Soulect Circles help you become the person you want to be

 focus, community, accountability

What is Soulect?

Soulect is a personal development platform devoted to choosing one’s life consciously and intentionally, through support, clarity, community, and accountability. This happens in Soulect Circles; intimate groups of 5 who gather weekly for the intention of growth and conscious creation. 

It’s a space where visionaries continuously get together to ensure they are on the path of actualizing their

life’s vision, all while forming deep, meaningful relationships with each other on the journey. 

The continuity of the Soulect System is what creates the magic

of Soulect; the intimacy and safety within the Circles.

Who is Soulect for?

Soulect is for men and women who are committed to their personal evolution,

and who want to do it with like-minded people on the same path.

They want the structure, clarity and focus of a personal-development platform, and

the support, love, and accountability of a Circle to make

their personal-growth more rich, fruitful and enlivening.

What Your Membership Offers


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Your own Circle

You meet with your Circle of 5 every week for 2 hour Circles, for as long as you choose. They become a family who know you intimately. When you share your conscious growth journey with others on the same path, it’s powerful and electric. This is why Soulect exists.

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A Circle Leader

Every Circle is led by a trained Circle leader. The leaders lead with the Soulect culture and values, organize the 2 hour Circles, and ensure everything within the Circle runs smoothly and in accordance with the Soulect standard. 

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 Personal evolution and consistency go hand-in-hand. In addition to the weekly Circles, you have 1 on 1 Connection Calls with your Circle members. This creates additional accountability, and rich, nurturing relationships

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Conscious Work 

Soulect members receive weekly Inner Work to do the work none of us have been taught for a consciously chosen and fulfilled life. The Inner Work guides you to create a life that you love, by helping you intentionally choose what you desire in each Arc of your life, release the blocks to it, embody it, and become it. 

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Once you’re in Soulect, you’re part of a tight-knit, loving, and supporting community that has your back for as long as you desire.

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We welcome you into our community 🤍 We're honored to have you.


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