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Announcing Open (Free) Circles!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Wow! It has been a profound year! Yesterday marked one trip around the sun since we launched Soulect! Here is one year in gallery, reflecting on all the amazing moments.

We’ve seen the power and magnitude of having a Circle of support and accountability in one’s life, both in our own lives and in our members’.

The healing, conscious growth, and deep relationships it creates are precious and invaluable.

We weren't expecting it to be as profound as it is.

The unconditional love and support of the Circle in itself is enough to heal a person into being who they want to be, but coupled with the inner work, consistency, and continuity of the system, we feel there’s nothing that can’t be created in one's life. We are genuinely so humbled to be working on this amazing company.

In truth, it has been created by others.

From the moment the idea emerged, we turned to people in this space to hear what they wanted, we listened, and here we are… A powerful, loving community of conscious growth and fulfillment.

Our mission and purpose is to bring this gift into as many lives as we can. For this first Anniversary, we are celebrating by giving the gift of Soulect to everyone who chooses it.

This month, we will begin hosting Open Circles where anyone who wants a taste of Soulect can join a free Circle.

We can't wait to meet you!

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