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How Am I Creating My Reality?

We choose the direction of our life with the direction of our focus.

What are you chronically paying attention to? You are helping create more of it in your life.

Our thoughts, words, and actions create our reality. Everything begins with thought; it is the first level of creation.

When we bring consciousness to thought, we bring consciousness to all it, helping us create a life of our own choosing, rather than a life of default.

The Power We All Carry

We each carry three intangible elements of power that help create our reality: our thought, belief, and emotion.

Clear thought and its accompanying belief create our reality, whether positive or negative.

It does not matter if the thought is “I desire” or “I do not desire,” if we believe it and chronically think about it, it comes into our experience.

With strong thought and strong belief, we create.

If one element is stronger than the other, we still create.

Belief is expectation, and whatever we expect, we invite into our experience.

The Power of Your EMOTION

When you feel bad, you intuitively know something is not right.

You know that you’re supposed to feel good. This feeling, or intuition, is your spirit communicating to you that you’ve gone off course with your thought, word, or deed (or all 3).

Your emotion is your third element of power. It is the eternal part of you — some call it the soul — communicating with you.

It guides you on what is “right” thought by signaling good emotions.

When you feel good, it is because you are in alignment with the Source energy that’s running through you (your soul, your truth).

Positive emotion is a signal from that life-force within you, telling you you're in harmony with your truest Self and with your desire.

Negative emotion is a signal that you’re resisting the flow of Source, and are in disharmony with your true Self and desire.

Pay attention to and trust your emotions, and notice how you feel with every thought— it is your most trusted source of truth.

What has your truest, deepest emotion been telling you? Have you been listening? Drop a comment to share your experience with the Soulect Community.

This article was the cut and revised from the conscious inner work Soulect members do every week. Soulect is a conscious community for personal development. It's a space devoted to choosing one’s life consciously, through support, clarity, community, and accountability. This happens in intimate groups of 5 who gather weekly for the intention of sharing, healing, growing, and consciously creating our lives.

To enjoy the impact of community, focus, and accountability in your life, join a free Open Circle to learn how you can create a full circle life with your own growth family ❤️

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