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The Only Barrier Between You and Your Desire

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Whatever you choose with no resistant thought becomes a part of your experience quickly.

If you choose a thought of what you desire and believe it wholly, to the point of expecting it, it will be yours. This is because you are already One with it.

The moment you decide you desire something, it is already yours. After that, you are the only factor between you and it.

The truth is, the universal force that is beating your heart is supporting you in every other way.

This powerful, life-giving force wants you to be, do, and have what you seek, more than you do.

The truth is that you can be, do, and have whatever you choose — that is why you came into this life; to create, and you hold immense power to do so, whether you consciously utilize it or not.


This is how creation (life) is supposed to be: Desire > choose *by knowing it is yours* > relax > allow it to come into your experience.

But most of us have formed so much resistance that we barely allow ourselves to even have the desire in the first place.

When we move out of our own way —by releasing our resistant thoughts— that supportive universal-power that runs everything aligns the pieces for us, so that we can be, do, and have what we have chosen.

Is this not enough reason to purify ourselves?


Do the internal work to first become aware of, then to release the energetic barriers you have put between you and what you desire.

For the awareness piece, ask yourself the question, "What have I been thinking, believing, speaking, or doing to create my current reality? How have I been the source of the current life I am living?"

The answers may be something like...

I'm telling myself I don't think I can have it, I don't believe I am capable of creating that amount of joy, success, love in my life, I don't believe I'm good/smart/beautiful/creative enough to create or have that...Or it might be something different. These are only a few common ones we've heard in Soulect Circles (the conscious groups we run) and in our own minds ;)

And for the releasing piece, do the conscious work to release it. There are many ways to do so. Here are a few key practices:

  1. After finding your limiting beliefs, ask yourself if it is even true! Often, we're carrying with us what used to be true when we were 4. If you answer "yes" then ask another question,"what more is true about this?" *Whatever you hold as truth is what manifests in your reality. Shedding light, therefore, can be enough to dissolve resistance.

  2. Train your awareness to tune into your emotions as the eternal guiding force they are, and let them lead you to thoughts that feels better, and better. When mastered, this alone will empower you to live a wholly conscious life, because you'll be connected to the life Force within you who is always guiding you to more joy, peace, love, if you listen.

  3. Release the energy with your intention, through energy work. You can shift anything with your intention. As humans, we are this powerful. The link above is a recording from Parisa. She walks you through a powerful yet simple practice to let go of stuck energy.

  4. Write out new consciously chosen beliefs, ones that empower you, and find a way to repeat them >100 times a day. *Some ways our members have done this: recording their voice stating the new beliefs and playing it every AM and PM, writing it on their mirror, changing their passwords to it, sticking it on their dashboard, making it their phone/computer wallpaper, making it into a daily alarm.

What are other practices you do to release resistance and re-align? We invite you to share them in the comments, it may impact someone's life.

This article was the cut and revised from the conscious inner work Soulect members do every week. Soulect is a conscious community for personal development. It's a space devoted to choosing one’s life consciously, through support, clarity, community, and accountability. This happens in intimate groups of 5 who gather weekly for the intention of sharing, healing, growing, and consciously creating their lives.

To enjoy the impact of community, focus, and accountability in your life, join a free Open Circle to experience it for yourself ❤️

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