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How Do We Create Change in Our Lives?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

So, you have decided who you want to be and what you want to create in your life.

What stops you from just being and having it immediately?


What is resistance?

Resistance is the blocking of the life-energy that flows through you. It comes in the form of negative emotions and the thoughts & beliefs that cause them. And it is the only thing that prevents us from experiencing all that we want.

Any thought or belief that blocks the flow of joy, peace, and love that naturally runs through you, is resistance.

That’s it.

If resistance is the blocking of life-energy, then, it is essentially the act of going against yourself. Resistance is the act of going against the current of life.


Everything in our universe is energy… From a rock, to a mountain, to your thoughts.

This energy is the pure consciousness that runs through every atom on this planet and in this universe and holds it all together. And it is constantly changing, evolving, pulsating, expanding, and becoming more.

You are also this energy.

Every part of you is energy; your body, mind, and spirit.

And you create with energy; your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words, actions.


Every thought, word, and deed you have holds a certain frequency, which you emit out, and receive a matching frequency back.

Because we are usually unaware, most of us emit contradictory energies.

For example, we want to create something, yet carry many counter-intentions within that same desire.

We think, “I want _____!” While simultaneously thinking and feeling, “I can’t possibly have it, I’m not worthy of it, I’m too ____, I’m not _____ enough, I don’t deserve _____, I’ve never had it and probably never will…” And, therefore, experience the lack of what we desire in our reality.

All the reasons for why we believe we can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t have, be, or do what we want (our limiting beliefs) is why we don’t.

This is because our beliefs hold powerful energy which we’re constantly shining outward into the universe, and they produce their effects in our reality.

We are powerful creators.


Your emotion is the eternal part of you — the soul, spirit, pure consciousness, True self, whatever we call it — communicating with you, guiding you, letting you know when you are in alignment with what you desire, and therefore resistance-free.

When we hold beliefs that do not feel good, the reason why they don’t feel good is because they are false.

The uncomfortable emotion is our soul telling us “You are going the wrong way. You are not in alignment. This thought/belief is false.

Usually, instead of listening to this guidance and choosing a different, better-feeling thought, we continue our painful path, grip-on tightly, and solidify the negative thought that began the negative emotion.

This act forms that thought into a belief.

Beliefs are energies we hold onto, and because we’ve told ourselves they are true, we keep creating and experiencing their same effects in our reality (we are powerful creators).

But energy is meant to move, oscillate, expand, and change. So when we hold onto a belief (energy) for decades, we are going against the current of energy which is constantly changing.

What would happen in your life if you were to release every old limiting belief, and allow yourself to receive new, pure, vibrating energy?

Your life would probably expand exponentially!


The art of allowing is a life-time practice, and something Soulect Circles return to in every Arc and focus on deeply for two weeks. It's crucial.

Essentially, the core of releasing resistance is to focus on what feels good or better. Feeling good is your soul telling you that you are in alignment with who you really are, which means you are allowing.

There are different ways to become more allowing and release old energy that isn't serving us.


1. Energy work. Listen to this recording from Parisa. She will walk you through a powerful yet simple practice to let go of stuck energy. *This was created specifically for Soulect Circles

2. Gratitude. Appreciation is the absence of resistance. If all you did was look for things to appreciate, you would be a happy, light Being because you would be in total alignment with Truth (your spirit). Every day, constantly look for things you are thankful for. Make it a game.

3. Meditation. When you relax and become the observer of your mind rather than the thinker of it, you become an allower; a releaser of resistance. Begin and end your day with a short meditation, just observing your breath and body. Feel free to listen to the beginning of Soulect's week 2 inner-work for mental and physical relaxation.

4. Surrender, let go. Surrender is a synonym for allow, and allow is the opposite of resist. So when you surrender control, you begin to flow with the direction of life. An attitude of “All is well, I can let go…” is an attitude of allowing, which produces its effects of peace in your life.

5. Replacing old beliefs with new ones. You created your old limiting beliefs by repeating them, which means you can create new ones that serve you by repeating those! What do you want to believe? Write it down and find a way to repeat it 100x daily! Shop for new beliefs.

*Some parts of this article are straight from the Inner-Work Soulect Circles receive in the week of Releasing Resistance in each Arc. Soulect Circles are intimate groups of 5 who gather weekly for the intention of growth and conscious creation. Consider joining a Circle if you want to create a life designed by you, while doing it with your growth-family who is doing the same! Learn more here.

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